4 Hiking Destinations You Can’t Miss Near Forestville, MD

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Lace up your boots and get ready for the wild forests of Forestville, Maryland! Go on an adventure with your friends or loved ones in the fresh air of the many scenic landscapes in the area. Here are a few hiking destinations to checkout around the Forestville location.

1. The Billy Goat Trail

This is one of the best-known trails in Maryland! Located in the Metro D.C. area, you’ll have breathtaking views of the Potomac River along your hike. There is a lot of jumping from rock to rock, but the trail is only considered moderately difficult. You might want to get an early start on the day when coming to this trail because it is a popular destination!

The trail is divided into three different divisions, which are A (rock-hopping), B (more casual), and C (the ending trail). Whether or not you will actually see a Billy goat you’ll have to find out for yourself!


2. Prettyboy Reservoir

See the sparkling water that supplies the Metropolitan Baltimore municipal water system. You’ll love the rolling hills and forests on either side of the reservoir. Be on the lookout for some wildlife, like turkey and white-tailed deer. A lot of the land is planted with crops like soybeans, wheat, and corn.

Besides hiking at the reservoir, it is also open to horseback riding, nature photography, bird watching, and even hunting (in the right season). Dogs are also able to use the trail, but need to have a leash on at all times!

3. Cascade Falls

The perfect location for a trip with the whole family, these falls are sure to be a sight to remember. They can be found in Patapsco Valley State Park in the Orange Grove area of the park. You won’t need to walk for long before seeing the streams and pools.

Take a cool swim in the Patapsco River and travel along the serene babbling brooks. The entire trail is about 2.2 miles, around a 60-minute moderate hike. The hilly terrain can make you thirsty, so make sure you bring plenty of water!

4. Catoctin Mountain Park

This park has a large variety of trails to choose from. You can go on a shorter path (around one mile or less), moderate length (2.5-5 miles), or test your abilities with one of the long trails (about 8 miles). The trails are described as having challenging terrain, stunning views, and a look at the beautiful Cunningham Falls.

A mixed hardwood forest covers 95% of the park. Many endangered species actually live in the park. Brown and Brook trout thrive the clean streams spider webbing through the trails. Black bears have been seen in the area, and if you are there at the right time, you might be able to see one too! There are also cute chipmunks scurrying around and cool box turtles. Escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life and enjoy the serenity of this haven.


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