5 Best Commuting Options to Washington, D.C. from Maryland

Your Best Options for Getting from Maryland to D.C.

Did you know that the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is less than thirty miles from the state of Maryland? For residents of Maryland, this opens up a ton of opportunity for things to do and explore — schooling, jobs, shopping, art and more. Washington D.C. is a major transportation hub, so commuters are used to figuring out their best options for getting in and out of the capital. Here are the five best commuting options to Washington D.C. from Maryland.

Take a Ride on the Metrorail

The Metrorail is an extremely convenient and affordable method of transportation for getting to and from Maryland and Washington D.C. Riders need not worry about traffic, making it convenient for commuters who live in Maryland but work in D.C. For residents of Maryland, we recommend taking a look at the trip planner to determine which station, route and times will best work for your specific commute. Residents of Lerner Surrey Square are closest to the Suitland Metro Station, so we recommend going in and out of that station to catch the Metrorail to D.C.

Check out the Views on the Metrobus

For commuters that prefer a bus to the rail system, the Metrobus is one of the most cost effective methods of transportation for commuters in the Maryland area. The bus commute may take slightly longer than the rail, but there are several buses leaving to and from Maryland throughout the day and night, making it a dependable mode of transportation. Residents of Lerner Surrey Square should take the Metrobus leaving from Surrey Square Lane & Berkshire Elementary School in Forestville, MD for the quickest commute. Riders of the Metrorail and Metrobus can focus on getting work done, reading a book or taking a quick nap while on the way to the D.C. – taking all of the stress out of commuting.

Take Your Own Route on Your Own Time by Driving or Taking a Rideshare

For those that prefer not to rely on public transportation, the drive from Forestville, MD to Washington D.C. is easy enough to complete. The drive is about 29 minutes via the Suitland Parkway, although drivers should account for the extra time it will take to drive due to traffic during rush hour times. For those without a car that need to get into the city quick, you can call a rideshare (Lyft, Uber, or any of the other major competitors) for an instant ride into D.C. Be warned, however, that this may end up being a bit pricey if you are using this method every day.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air While Biking

Residents of Forestville, MD are fortunate enough to be in biking distance of the nation’s capital. While it may not be biking weather year around, the route is just 11 miles long! This means the average biker can get to D.C. in about a one – hour long bike ride. This is a great commute option for when the weather is nice and you are looking to get some fresh air.

Easy Commuting to Washington D.C.

If you are looking for an easy commute to Washington D.C. without having to live within Washington D.C., we highly recommend the city of Forestville, MD. Just 14 miles from the nation’s capital, Forestville, Maryland is a highly sought after area just outside of the District of Columbia.  Check out all of the recreational activities Forestville has to offer, and be sure consider an apartment home at Lerner Surrey Square. Lease online today for everything you need and more in your next apartment in Maryland. We look forward to seeing you!

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