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802, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Living in Forestville, Maryland

Image via Pixabay   The Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is often treasured for its clear coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, and the township of Forestville is no exception. A place many respectable career men and women call home, including those employed by Andrews Air Force Base, UPS, Verizon, Maryland Hospital Center and the U.S. Census Bureau, Forestville is a desirable community and place of residency for many reasons. With a top-rated school system and close access [...]

1201, 2017

7 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Without Paint

Apartment complexes might not allow you to paint your walls, but you traded in a paintbrush for numerous amenities like a picnic area, swimming pool, and balcony. Besides, decorating an apartment is comprised of much more than just changing the color of the walls. We’ve compiled a list of seven easy alternatives to spruce up a space, no paint required!   Paint-Free Apartment Decorating Tips   1. Add Storage Tote bins, carts, and ottomans are a great way to expand [...]

2911, 2016

6 Apartment Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Let’s face it – no one likes to clean, everyone just does it because we have to. While there may be dirt, muck, slime, mold and grime, the cleaning process can be made quicker and easier with just a few inspired ideas. Go shopping for some supplies and then read the 6 hacks below to work smarter, not harder when it comes to making your apartment shine. Image Via Flickr 6 Tricks to Make Cleaning Easier 1. Renew Your Mattress with [...]

1511, 2016

6 Things Every Apartment Should Have

Image via Pexels   Some Necessities You Should Have for Your Apartment   Now that you finally found your apartment, it’s time to pick up a few things to add the final touch. There are many different things you could get to spice up your apartment, depending on what you like. When you first get into your apartment, it may be a little empty. This list below should send you into the right direction on what you should grab.   [...]

610, 2016

5 Reasons an Apartment is Right for You

Image via Pexels   Why Rental Living Dominates Home Owning Living in an apartment offers many advantages that a house doesn’t. Temporary living coupled with less commitment and more convenience offers a more laidback approach. Depending on your current situation and lifestyle, choosing to live in a rental won’t be too hard of a choice. With these helpful ideas, hopefully your decision will be more concrete.   #1 – It’s Cheaper When looking for somewhere to live, you may not [...]

2206, 2016

Ways to Get Active in Forestville, Maryland

Image via Pexels With extended sunlight hours and warm weather, the summer is a great time of year to get active. Conveniently located minutes from the attractions of Washington D.C., Forestville, Maryland provides many engaging activities to keep you busy and active this summer. Here is a list of exiting activities offered in the Forestville, Maryland area. Six Flags America If you’re looking for a thrilling adrenaline rush, visit Six Flags America. This exciting amusement park is conveniently located in [...]

106, 2016

Apartment Furniture You Should Invest in Right Now

Purchasing furniture for your apartment home can be overwhelming, not to mention the heavy price tags. For all sorts of personal reasons, most residents find themselves debating between new furniture or used. People often wonder whether or not new furniture is worth their hard earned money. Some would rather settle for second hand movables. However, although we're totally down for hand-me-down furniture, sometimes the brand spanking new options are definitely worth the investment. To help you spend smart, we have [...]

2904, 2016

6 Ways to See if Your Apartment Community is Resident Friendly

When you move into an apartment community, you want to know as much as possible about what the community is going to offer you. This comes from doing some investigative work ahead of time, to know whether or not they are friendly towards their residents and can provide them with everything they need. If you plan on living within the community for some time, then this is an important aspect to consider before you move in. Ask these questions to [...]

1703, 2016

Moving to Forestville, Maryland: The Must-Know Places

Besides free gas heat and cooking at your apartment homes, Surrey Square has a ton of perks that residents can benefit from. Lerner Surrey Square is located on Pennsylvania Avenue just inside the Capital Beltway for easy access to all the hot spots around the city. Even if you don’t feel like driving for the day, take the Suitland Metro at our Metro Bus Stop at Community. There are an unlimited amount of attractions to see around Forestville, Maryland, but [...]

2302, 2016

5 Reasons Forestville, MA is a Smart Place to Rent an Apartment

Lerner Surrey Square is located in one of the greatest states in America. We purposely put ourselves right smack dab in the middle of pure greatness to give our residents a right of entry to the best possibilities around. We are talking beaches, beer, fresh seafood, sports, and community events. When it comes to Forestville, we are talking love at first sight. 1. Experience All The Land Beaches, mountains, cityscapes, and farmland – we know you want to see it [...]

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